23DC Architects is a highly regarded architectural firm founded in 2009 by Indian architects Ar. Shiv Dada and Ar. Mohit Chawla. We have completed numerous projects of different scales, including architecture, interiors, planning, and landscape designs, many of which have been featured in international architectural publications. With a hands-on approach, the firm is committed to providing personalized design and service and has earned a reputation for excellence and reliability in the industry. Our contemporary style is influenced by the local environment, and we oversee each project through all stages, ensuring our clients’ visions are brought to life. In addition to our architectural work, we also have experience in interior design, planning, and landscape design. This comprehensive approach allows us to create cohesive designs that seamlessly integrate both the exterior and interior spaces of a building. 







  • Hands-on approach: Our team and our principal architects personally oversee each project from start to finish, ensuring that every detail is executed to the highest standards. This level of attention to detail helps to create successful projects and has earned the firm a reputation for excellence and reliability. 
  • Contemporary style: 23DC Architects takes inspiration from the local environment and blends it with modern design elements to create unique, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces. This approach allows us to create designs that are both visually striking and contextually relevant. 
  • Comprehensive approach: In addition to our architectural work, we also have experience in interior design, planning, and landscape design. This allows us to create cohesive designs that seamlessly integrate both the exterior and interior spaces of a building. 
  • Industry recognition: Many of 23DC’s projects have been featured in international architectural publications, such as ArchDaily, Dwell, Architecture & Design, and more. This recognition speaks to the quality of our work and the high level of craftsmanship that we bring to each project. 
  • Personalized service: 23DC Architects is dedicated to providing personalized design and service, working closely with clients to understand their needs and preferences. This level of attention helps to create designs that are tailored to the specific needs of each client, resulting in successful projects and satisfied customers. 


Team Leader - Architectural Technical

Mahesh V
Senior Architect

Mohammed Safvan
Technical Architect

Sanya Verma
Junior Architect

Tushar Arora
Junior Architect

Sayantani Das
Junior Architect

Nitish Kumar
Junior Architect

Tanishi Sharma
Junior Architect

Urvi Ohri
Junior Architect

Adarsh C
Junior Architect

Tushar Suman

Junior Architect


Maneesh V
Senior Architect

Pratiksha Borate
Junior Design Architect

Namratha V S
Junior Design Architect

Tejal Randive
Junior Design Architect

Nitin Dubey
Design Architect

Vignesh Balasubramaniam
Junior Design Architect

Gaurav Pratap Singh
Junior Design Architect

Sandeep Vishwakarma
Junior Design Architect

Alok Jaiswal
Junior Architect


Vadini Sharda
Team Leader

Riya Mohan
Interior 3D Visualizer

Fathima Shaji
Interior Designer

Akshay Kumar
Interior 3D Visualizer

Shrishti Jain
Material Head

Megha Chatterjee
Interior Designer

Bhanvi Sharma
Interior Designer

Navneet Kaur
Interior 3D Visualizer

Ragini Jasra
Junior Architect

Vanshika Vaid
Intern Interior Designer

Nitin Maheshwari
Intern Interior Designer

Natasha Chhabra
Interior Designer

Intern Interior Designer


Prem Mahato
Senior Architect

Mansi Bitoliya
Junior Architect

Pawandeep Kaur
Junior Architect

Swati Kumari
Junior Architect

Sayani Samanta
Junior Architect

Satyam Bhardwaj
Junior Architect


Karan Chawla
Team Leader - Civil

Isha Sharma
Assistant Civil Engineer

Karanbir Singh
Structural Draughtsman

Partik Kumar
Assistant Structural Engineer

Site Engineer

Site Engineer

Site Engineer

Munish Kumar Verma
Site Engineer


Rina Singh
Research Head

Harsh Vatsayen
Assistant Research Head


Megha Dada
Chief Operation Officer

Muskan Gumber
HR Executive


Sarabjeet Kaur
Project Manager

Vishali Jarial
Project Coordinator

Jaspreet Singh Dhadra
Design Coordinator

Sumeeta Das
Project Coordinator

Jatin Punj
Vendor Manager


Komal Vij
Frontdesk Executive


Gagan Banga
IT Engineer


Samriti Kaler
Marketing Executive

Anmol Bali
Content Writer

Karandeep Daffu
Social Media Handler