Envisioned to define luxury and comfort, this lavish villa, named ‘The Grand Alabaster’ is designed by 23DC Architects. Situated in Jalandhar, Punjab, the villa concedes a classical character. Upon entering the magnificent marvel, one is welcomed by the orchestrated windows and the stunning central door which are an allegory for the order, balance and harmony that the classical character emphasizes upon. The idea behind this colossal architecture was to build a palatial home.

The grand scale of the villa and the conspicuous play of columns and arches are a paragon of ancient Greek and Roman structures. The symmetrical order of these columns and arches complements the ornamentation of classic details. The outside stretch of the villa creates a calm focus for the entire building as it is embraced with pacifying natural beauty of landscapes and sceneries. The plantations with their soft canopies offer comforting shade. The sumptuous interiors are Neo-classical in nature. They consist of a stately composition of a double-height formal living area, a grand dining and deluxe en-suite rooms. Equipped with luxurious entertainment in profusion the villa also houses a glamorous indoor pool, sauna and massage room, gym, a large rumpus room, and a lot more.

Some Highlights of the Residence